The Completed Scatter Evan Project Will Be Live Soon

Born on 13 May 1987 in New York City, Evan was a student at West Village Nursery School and The Village Community School before moving to Katonah at age 6. He attended Katonah Elementary School, John Jay Middle School and graduated from John Jay High School in 2005. He received a B.A. from Hampshire College in 2009, studying Classics and Writing with an emphasis on Epic Literature. A peergroup leader in high school and RA throughout his college years, Evan was unwavering in his commitment to community. Following graduation, he was employed as a media librarian at The Mill, and then as a copywriter at McGarryBowen, both in New York City.

Evan was a deeply compassionate man, kind and fiercely loyal, yet stubborn and wholly uncompromising. He lived his life exactly as he chose to, exercising his strength and will to live fully until his very last breath. A storyteller, an adventurer, world traveler, goat fan, poet and pirate, musician, illustrator, sculptor, metalsmith, woodworker and environmentalist. In his brief life, he mastered languages, wrote scores of poems, performed his music, nearly completed a novel, traveled the globe, ran with the bulls in Pamploma, hiked the High Atlas mountains, filling 26 years with magic and joy. He had a fortunate life; he was loved and he loved many.

He is survived by his beautiful partner of seven years, Ursula Rose Strauss, parents John and Susan Scofield, sister Jean Scofield Maxwell, brother-in- law Alexander and nephew Felix, one grandmother, four uncles, five aunts, ten cousins, two small dogs, two box turtles and a rich array of true friends.

From Evan himself: “So many of you deserve so much greater thanks than I can ever give. You’ve been there for me in these grim hours, helping me to turn them from tragedies to tests; trials that offer lessons at their close. And I’m doing what I can to learn those lessons. I’m looking past the curtain in a way that no one does until they must, and it’s thanks to the strength you’ve all given me that I'm not blinded. “

One of Evan's final wishes was to have his ashes scattered in various farflung places by his closest friends and family. Though he traveled widely, there were places he regretted having missed during his life, and places he wished to visit again. With the generosity of many contributors, a few ash bearers have traveled the globe leaving Evan to rest in many exciting places. Some might think this frivolous but all that Evan undertook became an art project of sorts. His end was no different. It is Evan's vision of an exit that celebrates the epic journey— one of adventure, discovery, and whimsy, the twist and the turn, the joyful embrace of the next step on an unfamiliar road.